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Winners List Announced

The following is the winners of the 2018 Guizhou Inbound Tourism Product Design Competition:

Earn 20,000 yuan in cash:Stefanie

Earn 15,000 yuan in cash:maggie lin、Ishtiaq

Earn 10,000 yuan in cash:Theresa Marks、江喃

Earn 1,000 yuan in cash:吕瑞恩、張家绮、Louis、Sunny、Apple Chow、Lotus Chen、Sam Lin、Mel 、Andy Lee 、Terry

Message interaction
All comments:25
  • Hemant kashyap

    2018-09-23 01:17:48

    Guiyang is love, That is the place where my love lives currently, A tremendously beautiful place I have ever been to.~

  • Guy Woodland

    2018-09-18 14:46:14

    Great province https://guywoodland.co.uk/News/the-faces-of-china~

  • Fred

    2018-09-16 14:56:02

    Guizhou has a lot of delicious food~

  • Ben

    2018-09-15 08:21:32

    I always wanted to go to Guizhou to play, but because of too far and unfamiliar, this travel plan has not been implemented. This compitition gives a good opportunity for everyone to go to Guizhou.~

  • Paweł Załęski

    2018-09-13 17:01:57

    In a place where time slows down, Where under a wooden roof, corn is drying and the land forever covered in fog with mountains, where the sound of the river brings Hmong singing,in the forest there is a jinji spirit enchanted in the sounds of the lusheng instrument... this is the beauty of Miao culture and Guizhou impressions.~

  • Paul

    2018-09-12 22:58:08

    Guizhou is my second Home, i hope so in soon i can one more time meet with Miao People in Langde Zhen.~

  • Lily

    2018-09-12 12:02:03

    I hope this competition will be held every year.~

  • Andy

    2018-09-10 16:50:06

    the bonuses are attractive.~

  • 囍hello

    2018-09-10 13:33:06


  • Jim

    2018-09-09 09:20:23

    This is a good chance to go to Guizhou~

  • Ken

    2018-09-07 20:23:41


  • Loren

    2018-09-07 20:23:21

    구이 저 우는 많은 음식이 있어서 아주 맛있어 보인다.~

  • Simon

    2018-09-07 20:08:01

    Guizhou is very beautiful~

  • fiona

    2018-09-07 20:07:41


  • Jason

    2018-09-07 20:07:21

    Ich habe schon lange gehört, dass die landschaft in guizhou schön ist~

  • Fred

    2018-09-07 20:07:01


  • Edward

    2018-09-07 20:06:41

    It's also a good time to visit guizhou in October~

  • Chris

    2018-09-07 20:06:21

    나도 귀 주에 놀러 가고 싶다.~

  • sam

    2018-09-07 20:06:01


  • David

    2018-09-07 20:05:41

    It's a great activity~

  • Alex

    2018-09-07 20:05:21

    I'm really looking forward to it~

  • happy

    2018-09-07 20:05:01


  • Sunny

    2018-09-07 20:04:41


  • Aaron

    2018-09-07 20:04:21

    Wonderful ~

  • dd

    2018-09-07 20:04:01


Voting Rules

1. The users need to register an account in the website first to vote. Each has one vote everyday.

2. The votes that travel experts get through this round will be included in the total points of Guizhou Province's Inbound Tourism Product Design Competition, which accounts for 40%.

3. After voting, the users can participate in lucky draw activities. The prizes include Guizhou scenic spot tickets(Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Da Qi Kong and Xiao Qi Kong in Libo, Mount Fanjing, Xijiang Thousand-household Miao Village and so on); round-trip tickets for direct flights from Guiyang to final destination; room vouchers for four-star and above hotels and so on. For prize winners, the staff will send winning information to your email in seven workdays. Please refer to email notification for usage details.

4. Voting Time: from 0:00 a.m. on September 30th to 23:59 p.m. on October 5th . There is a limted number of tickets everyday while stock lasts.

5. Please note that this website will publish the top five competitors who are selected into Guizhou Province's Inbound Tourism Product Design Competition on October 9th. The staff will also get in touch with you at once. Please pay attention to your email.

6. Guizhou Tourism Development Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.